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Our standing in the industry is exceptional in part because we welcome the opportunity to educate our clients and explain the process(es) involved with a remodel or renovation project. The recommendations we make are based solely on what is best for your particular needs. Because of this, Team Tile & Stone is more efficient with our estimates, timelines and final outcome. To begin understanding what to expect when working with us, please view some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ)...

Yes, we do offer free estimates. Before we are able to begin, we require some basic information from you. We have estimators who specialize in different aspects of the remodeling process. Depending on what you need done and the area of town you live in is important for us to properly set you up with a member of our staff that will best fit your needs. Please custom quote for home remodels form and a representative will be in touch shortly.
Once we have your information, we can pair you with the proper member of our staff that can ensure you receive the specialized service you require. First though, we need you to complete the order form and answer some questions so we make sure we have one of our estimators who handles the work you want done to get in touch with you. add link here.
Not exactly, as we are not a repair contracting service. Our specialization is complete bathroom renovations, kitchen remodels, complete flooring replacement and countertop replacements. If you are considering repairing several areas, it may be in your best interest to replace instead of repair. Common in all Las Vegas tract homes, is the white tile installed in the kitchen and bathrooms. That tile chips easily and the grout is very difficult to clean. Consider taking this opportunity to replace the entire counter or floor. It is guaranteed to look better and just might be more cost-effective in the long and short term.
It really depends on both of our ideas of “small.” Under normal circumstances, it is not economically feasible, but not always. It is not about greed! Sometimes it is just too expensive for us to take on a project with all of the procedures involved, thus forcing us to quote higher than we would normally. Rather than subject both parties to unneccesary work, we suggest completing the remodel quote form and determining from your answers, we will be more knowledgable as to whether your proejct(s) are within our scope of work.
We do work all over Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas and as far as Anthem. We concentrate on quality not quantity. Let us know what part of town you are in and we can let you know if we are currently working in that part of town. Complete the custom quote online order form and be certain to put in your major cross streets.

Typically, it takes 7-14 days depending on the amount of work performed and your cooperation to give us access to the house. The extent of the work being performed is the determining factor most of the time. Gutting the entire bathroom and running new pipes? Then the renovation can extend the timeline a bit. Just doing touch-ups and minor esthetics? Then the bathroom should be completed quicker.

When scheduling a bath remodel, we always strive to complete it in the fastest time possible. Obviously, the more projects we can complete, the more we can bill. But, quality is our priority, not speed. We do not cut corners. Our mindset is that if we do not do it correctly, you'll be calling us back, so therefor, we LOSE time. Getting it done right the first time is vital for us as we also know that our work is for years (possibly forever), not temporary. We promoise, two weeks of inconvienience will seem like nothing, when compared against the many, many years of enjoyment you’ll get.

Most definitely! We have hundreds of references. Once we know a more about your specific job, we can supply you with references to contact or write to our reps. We also have plenty of reviews online at Yelp, AngiesList, Homeadvisor, etc. If you'd like, please read some of our favorite and most recent client feedback and testimonials.
No, we only do tile floor replacement and stone flooring renovation.
No, but we will remove all the old carpeting that harbors dust, mildew, dirt and replace it with clean easy to maintain long lasting custom tile or stone flooring.
No, but we do tile, stone and granite. Cultured marble is becoming a thing of the past and is not commonly used in modern homes.

No. But if you are going to go to the expense and inconvenience of putting your kitchen or bathroom out of commission for a little while then why not consider changing out your cabinets. If you are to the point that you want them redone then they are probably fairly old.

Las Vegas is full of track homes that were thrown together during the boom. The workmanship is not always the greatest and a lot of cheap materials were used. They could be pulling away from the walls or have shelves that are starting to crack where the shelf meets the side of the cabinet.

There are so many new storage options available. Why not consider replacing them. It doesn’t take much longer than a re-facing and the end results will finally give you the storage and design esthetic you’ve always wanted.

Yes, We safely remove and dispose of all materials we take out of the home. Some items can be recycled and we make sure they end up at the proper recycling facility instead of just ending up in a landfill. We care about the environment. Toilets and sinks can be ground up and mixed with concrete to make paving stones and that is just one of the uses how old materials can become new again.

Yes, a few small items is fine but say we are doing an entire livingroom, dining/kitchen area...we are not a moving company and do not specialize in heavy objects. We do our best to avoid damage to any household items. Additionally, we are required to purchase extra insurance for any job that necessitates moving a large number of items.

A standard rate from a moving company is $90 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. We will only charge you by the hour. You will need to take all items off the furniture prior to us moving them.

Our professionalism, experience, courteousness and respectfulness. It's not only about our workmanship talents and abilities, but we also pride ourselves on excellent customer service and communication before, during and after the project is completed. Quality and professionalism is of utmost importance to us.

  • Your project is done right the first time
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  • We clean up at the end of each day so you can relax without dust everywhere
  • 140 years of experience combined
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