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The kitchen is the center of any home, visited every day by every member of the house. It’s where families and friends come together to eat, cook, and share their day. At Las Vegas' Team Tile & Stone, LLC, we realize the importance of a well designed, highly functional, estheically beautiful kitchen and the impact it has on the homes' value and overall ease of use. With kitchens being the single most important aspect of home resale value (aside from location), then be sure to choose a contractor wisely when considering a remodel or renovation.

Team Tile & Stone is experienced with all types of kitchen remodeling projects and installations. Our knowledge of the materials, natural stones and tile work involved to the redesign to the planning and scheduling, we make the process as painless as possible. One of our best abilities is to maintain consistant communication and reduce the disruption of your day to day lifestyle. Kitchen renovations are not exactly a cheap, quick process but we make sure the benefit in the end is WELL worth it.

Thinking about redoing an entire kitchen area or even a small remodel can be overwhelming. Rest assured though, as Team Tile & Stone will work with you to determine your new kitchen layout including cabinetry, stone and tile countertops, kitchen flooring along with assisting you in choosing the best products to match your style and your budget. The look of your new kitchen renovation is very important, as is flow and function, all aspects to be addressed together.

Las Vegas is populated with many tract home communities, some of which were thrown together during the boom of circa 2000. Their workmanship might have been poor or rushed. Quite honestly, many used cheaper materials to meet deadlines and 15 years later is when you can begin to notice (pulling away from the walls) or crooked shelving in cabinets, entire cabinet frame warping where the shelf meets the side of the cabinet, larger cracks developing in corners of the wall or ceiling, especially near columns or areas of support. Many of these blemishes occur where we notice them the most, like the kitchen as it is a part of the house that is usually well used or traveled. We always perform a detailed inspection prior to beginning, of course, and will we make you aware of any of these (potential) problems.

Your newly remodeled kitchen will provide you with relief from the frustration of having inefficiencient layouts and preparation areas and a lifetime of pleasure, relaxation, openess & enjoyment. So while you benefit from the beauty, you can also relish in the comfort of knowing that you've increased the resale value of your home. PROVEN FACT: Homes with upgraded kichens, bathrooms (esp master bath) and/or premium flooring are the most sought after properties and, therefore, always will bring in higher bids from homebuyers.

With all we have learned in our 35 years of tile and stone remodeling, we know how to turn you concept into a magnificent realty for your pleasure, always keeping in mind quality, longevity, and stunning appearance.

Our primary goal is your satisfaction throughout the timeline of any project, large or small. From designing custom backsplashes to complete kitchen renovation rehauls, our principle focus remains the dedication towards a finished job that matches (or exceeds) both parties expectations. Combined with our many decades of experience and our "realistic approach" to maintaining options that are strictly within the realm of availability and efficiency, we envision a clearer picture of what is to come. More simply, we're not promising anything we can not deliver. That is not to say that there are projects that we are unable to accomplish, but merely stating that our foundation is created with honesty, integrity, direct communication and level-headed decisions to make your money go as far as is possible.

Our kitchen remodel and renovation experience includes:

  • Granite countertop installation and design
  • Add more


What to expect with a complete kitchen renovation?

We will ask you the right questions and then based on your answers give you your options. Here are some things to think about. What type of counter tops do you like? Do you do a lot of cooking and need more counter space? How do you like your current cabinet set up, do you have enough storage? Can you reach everything easily? Do you prefer a double sink or a large single one? We will help you nail down all of the many choices involved until you know you’re getting a kitchen you’ll love. There are so many new storage options available. Replacing cabinets is sometimes quicker and easier than re-facing and the end result will be on target with what you had envisioned and hoped for.

Las Vegas' Team Tile and Stone, LLC. will design, create, craft and install the kitchen of your dreams, at least the dreamiest kitchen for the space available. With the countless steps involved, including codes, permits and licensing, planning, clearing, rearranging, etc. the bright spot will be working with one contractor, Steve Dye, owner. He has been and will be a becan to save you from many a migrane, the hassels and coordinations and be sure your budget is well spent.


Beauty and elegance, combined with functionality is what we aim to achieve. Stone, glass, mosaics, tile, slabs, or other materials are all possible for the completion of your ultimate kitchen.

Master Bathroom Remodel

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“We believe in educating our customers to appreciate the materials and craftmanship involved in natural stone remodels”

Better informed clients help us to help them design, create and renovate the best area within the desired space.